Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Power Pill FE3

Power Pill is a highly-refined pure petroleum product of exceptional quality, with an atomic structure composed of long hydrocarbon chains (H60+C30+). Power Pill is made from a high-vacuum, high-temperature distillation process, way beyond the usual refining practices. (By comparison octane rated petrol is a far less refined product). Power Pill is made by New Image International under U. S. Lubricants International. PowerPill and Maxi Power Pill (for Truck engines) are supplied in a convenient, easy-to-store tablet form. The tablets dissolve completely in fuel to promote cleaner burning engines.

The main benefits of using the Power Pill are:

  • Reduces exhaust smoke, emissions.
  • Increases engine power.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Cleans injectors, carburettors and entire fuel system.
  • Promotes more complete fuel combustion.
  • Easier start-up for seldom used engines.
  • Lubricates and conditions valves, pistons and rings.
  • Absolutely safe - cannot damage any type of engine.
  • Acts as a lead substitute

    Being of a hydrocarbon composition, PowerPill is a fuel conditioner not an additive.

    Understanding the principles

    Hydrocarbon motor fuels (petrol and diesel) come from a variety of off-shore oil wells, inheriting a variety of problems. In an attempt to overcome some of these problems, and to improve various mechanical efficiencies, a large number of additive products have appeared on the market. Scepticism concerning these additives abounds! Understandably so, since many of these products really have no benefit or could even be harmful to your machine. The Power Pill is in no way similar to any of these additives.

    The Power Pill formulation is made up only of organic compounds originating from the refining process. That is the important difference. Power Pill products condition and purify the fuel, altering its molecular structure and other properties, thus changing the way the fuel behaves.

    Power Pill products do not contain damaging chemicals such as sulphur, metal destroying acids, chlorinated lime, carbon tetrachloride, abrasives, metal phenolates, poly-amino succini-mides or zinc dialkyl-dathiophosphates. Power Pill products are designed to complement and extend the life of existing additive packages already added to the fuel by the manufacturers

    Power Pill &
    "conditioning packages" are blended to achieve these results:


    Power Pill is a system. It is designed to clean, keep clean, and lubricate fuel lines. It also cleans carbon build-up from the valve seats and piston rings. Gums, lacquers and varnishes are reabsorbed into solution and eliminated through combustion. The top oil "carrier" that distributes the Power Pill formulation is extremely effective in these areas as a penetrating agent, and to help clean and further lubricate. Power Pill molecules inhibit normal interaction of metallic ions in the oil. Normally, sulphates and nitrates react with water and other elements to form acids, gums, varnishes and non-combustible residue.

    Power Pill products stop these processes. Our compounds convert engine acids to synthetic esters, which in themselves are excellent reducers of sludge and varnish. The rate of degradation of Power Pill-treated lubricating oil is drastically reduced and this extends the effective life of the oil.

    Benefit: A cleaner-burning engine with more power that produces less smoke.

    Corrosion Inhibition

    The petroleum-derived rust and corrosion inhibitors blended into Power Pill products reduce the formation of sulphuric, nitric, hydrochloric and hydrobromicacids. They also inhibit the formation of organic and naphthenic acids that are not affected by the corrosion and anti-rust agents added during refining.

    Benefit: Reduces the damage caused by acid action in your engine.

    Bacteria/Microbe/Water control

    Through its bacteriostatic action and emulsification properties, Power Pill conditioner helps control the growth of bacteria and microbes in fuel tanks and fuel storage tanks. PowerPill helps eliminate the environment that is needed for this growth. Normally this is the inter-surface between the fuel and the water.

    Benefits: Less sludge in your fuel system; longer lasting fuel filters.

    Colour Stability and Oxidation Control

    Fuel can and does go stale. Without treatment, it can become less and less effective over time. Power Pill contains oxidation inhibitors to retard oxidation and improve colour stability. These oxidation inhibitors slow, or stop the ageing of fuel in storage, thus preventing the formation of gum and sludge in storage tanks and fuel systems.

    Benefits: extended life of fuel filters;

    Exhaust Emission Inhibition

    The main by-product of combustion engines shown by exhaust analysis should be carbon dioxide. Often, however, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon readings result. Carbon monoxide comes from incomplete combustion, while hydrocarbons result from unburned fuel. In normally functioning engines, an average of 60 to 65% of the fuel is completely burned with the remainder exhausted. Power Pill conditioners alter the molecular structure of fuel so up to 90% or more is burned. Because of this more complete fuel burn, emissions are reduced. Engines will run cooler, with a resulting drop in exhaust temperature. In the case of Turbo charged engines this can aid running cooler turbos under load.

    Benefits: A substantial reduction in air pollution by internal combustion engines.

    Fuel Economy

    Diesel or petrol engines treated with Power Pill show a decrease in fuel consumption, depending on load, terrain, altitude and weather conditions.Internationally recognised fuel economy tests are included at the back of these packages. PowerPill should improve fuel economy by at least 10% after using for at least 5% of total engine mileage.

    Benefits: Cost savings through improved fuel economy.

    Reductions in Maintenance Costs

    Power Pill dramatically reduces wear rates on injectors and injector pumps because of increased lubrication of the moving parts in the entire fuel system. Pistons, valves and combustion chambers stay free of deposits, while ring wear is substantially reduced.

    Benefits: Savings in running costs for all engines.

    Fuel Storage Stability

    Power Pill treated diesel/petrol in storage at 65 deg C usually shows an evaporation loss of 12% less than untreated fuel. Blend stability, a factor in fuel ageing is increased by 50%. Oxidation inhibitors slow or stop the ageing of stored fuel and the formation of gum and sludge.

    Benefits: Less fuel lost to evaporation's; easier start-up with old fuel; greater performance from poor-quality fuels.

    Please note: Power Pill products are not a cure-all, nor are they meant to replace the need for professional diagnostics and repair or routine maintenance. Be aware that problems affecting an engine's performance can result from faults in the electrical system, timing, excessive and irreversible wear of rings, bearings, etc. We cannot "repair" mechanical defects, but may provide some relief from certain mechanical problems. The Power Pill does the job it's intended to do and does it better than any other conditioners or additives available today.


    Fuel filters must be monitored and changed if necessary after first using Power Pills. After this clean-up phase, fuel filter life can be extended substantially.



    DSIR: New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

    Analysis - The infrared spectrum of the product showed that it was primarily hydrocarbon in composition. The sample was ashed and found to contain very low residue (0.0004%).+

    Comments - The hydrocarbon nature of the product makes it extremely likely that it is petroleum derived. The result for ash indicates that the product is free of additives containing inorganic substances.
    J W Mitchell, Government Analyst
    TUV Rheinland: Translation = Technical Vehicle Information Board of Germany, 14 July 1992.
    Results - The tested material does not contain any harm-doing ingredient which would exclude the usage in any diesel or
    gas engine.
    Tester - Dr Hubert Schnurr
    Department: Environmental Protection Agency (Quote End)

    Cheverton & Associates Insurance Services
    San Diego, USA, 26 July 1989.
    To Whom it May Concern,
    The Royal Insurance Company, starting in 1974, has insured the product. In all of those year we have not had one (1) claim.

    Mirrlees Blackstone Ltd. (United Kingdom)
    8 August, 1994
    Technical documentation of the fuel oil additive has been perused by Mirrlees Blackstone Stockpost engineering and our Chief Engineer comments as follows: We have had no evidence of this additive causing harm. If our engine users believe that the product will be advantageous then we have no objection to its use.

    General Motors Corporation:
    Quote "We have completed the laboratory analysis of the fuel conditioner and oil conditioner. Results indicate that these are highly refined petroleum products of good quality and we cannot foresee any harmful effects from their use in EMD engines...Customer's use of these products has no effect whatsoever on the EMD warranty; our warranty covers material and workmanship only"
    W E Becker; General Sales Manager


    Government of Oman:
    Tests were carried out on a selection of vehicles including refuse trucks, buses and other equipment between December 1993 and June 1994.
    Results - The average fuel saving after the cost of the product equalled 25.62%.
    Tests were carried out under the direction of Abdulla Bin Mohammed Saeed-Al-Farsi, Director of Transport.

    Department of Transportation: Kiev, The Ukraine
    September 1995
    Quote: "Fuel savings on Ikarus buses and trucks average: 12% reduction. During testing drivers noted decrease in temperature, increase in power.
    A I Petrenko V T Vorobjov
    Head of Technical Production Chief Engineer
    China Fuel Depot: Tianjin Province,
    July 1995
    Fuel savings average 14%
    Labtest Hong - An internationally recognised member of the British Standards Institute and American Standards Institute. June, 1992.
    Comments - During testing, the test driver experienced that the vehicle engine ran more smoothly and powerfully after adding the pill.
    Conclusion - Under the test environment, the result shows a saving of fuel 15.93% after adding the pill.
    C M Chan
    General Manager

    Inchcape Testing Services: The Philippines,
    June 1993
    Observations - After running for 82.1 km with the pill, it was found that there was a 30.66% improvement in kilometre/litre rating and savings in fuel consumption. The engine ran more smoothly and had more power with this product.

    San Diego University: United States of America.
    Quote: "Overall mileage improvement of 14.63%"
    Road Racing Magazine: Ireland April, 1996
    Quote:" Sam Graham the well known race tuner, carried out a dyno and emission test for the PowerPill on a 3000 mile Honda Fireblade, with spectacular results"
    Power........................ Increased by 5.9 brake horsepower
    Carbon Monoxide .... Reduced by 14%
    Fuel Economy.......... Improved by 25%
    Queens University of Belfast: School of Mechanical and Process Engineering.
    A comprehensive test was conducted over one year from November 1994 to October 1995. Average fuel savings 13%. A further series of tests was conducted at QUB to ascertain the effectiveness of PowePill in two stroke petrol engines. The PowerPill caused a 7% to 8% increase in low speed torque. The PowerPill has a 25% faster burn of the fuel, i.e. more power from the same size fuel charge.
    & quot;It's the finest product I have come across that actually works. I have to take it seriously now & quot;. - Dr Roy Douglas, 24/8/96
    California Environmental Engineering: Santa Ana, California, USA.
    September-November, 1993
    Fuel Economy Improved by 16.9%
    Carbon Monoxide Decreased by 31%
    Hydrocarbons Decreased by 65%
    Smoke Reduction 10%
    A certified Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board Certified Facility.
    B Eberley.

    The makers of the Power Pill FE-3 Fuel Conditioner guarantee that it is safe for use in all petrol and diesel applications. This guarantee is backed up with a NZ $10,000,000 insurance policy for any single claim proving engine damage is caused by product usage. Below is a copy of the insurance policy for 2006/7.

    Dial-a-Cab emission result recorded between January 11 and 17, 2006 - the driver also now sees an extra 60 miles per tank from his taxi - an increase from 200 miles to 260 per tank of fuel

    In this case history in just 6 days of use the results are very encouraging.
    All drivers using the Power Pill have reported either an immediate improvement in their vehicles - power, smoothness, ease of starting and quietness of the engine, plus an increase in miles per gallon. These test results are typical of vehicles that are now using the Power Pill all over the world.